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Seventeen’s new chinese member — Xu Minghao (Seo Myungho)

when you thought someone was waving at you

when you thought someone was waving at you

[140526] Mingming’s Instagram Update 今天天气不错。所以想出去练练舞蹈。^_^Go Go Go!

[140526] Mingming’s Instagram Update 

今天天气不错。所以想出去练练舞蹈。^_^Go Go Go!

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Soonyoung: Eng— Amer— Overseas fans might not know what jjangjorim [meat marinated in soy sauce] is, so I’ll explain it in English.

Seokmin: Oh, yeah.

Soonyoung: Uh, it’s black water…

Seokmin: And meat!

Hansol: Black water!

Soonyoung: And egg and, um, gogi [meat], and joryeo joryeo [shake shake]…

Seokmin: Jjangjorim bibimbap!

[140527] Mingming’s Instagram Update 

[Trans] Haven’t danced in a long time~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

trans cr: seventeensg

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[ENG SUB] [ETC] SEVENTEEN_Vocal Practice Video_1 


Date: May 22, 2014
[subbed by 7TEENWORLD, please do not take out or remove without credits]